Trump Brings Hope To Riot-Torn City While Biden Hides

By David Krayden September 2nd, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Caller

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won’t be going to embattled Kenosha, Wisconsin immediately, according to campaign spokeswoman Symone Sanders, who says he doesn’t want to “upset … the peaceful nature of what’s currently happening.”

“Vice President Biden is looking forward to getting to Wisconsin very soon, it’s a priority for us,” Sanders told CNN Tuesday. “Look, he doesn’t want to do anything that would create a tussle, if you will, on the ground. He doesn’t want to do anything that would upset … the peaceful nature of what’s currently happening in Kenosha but also throughout the state at large.”

Sanders suggested that President Donald Trump shouldn’t be going to Kenosha as he had promised, suggesting that Trump’s presence would only exacerbate the anger in the town while she blamed the president for having “stoked and incited this violence.”

“Look, we have heard the president over the last couple of days, throughout the Republican National Convention talk about violence … So he’s not going to be a calming voice in Kenosha, Wisconsin, today. He’s going to do nothing but fan the flames and pour gasoline on what is already a very tense situation.”

Kenosha has not been peaceful over the last 10 days with buildings being torched.

Violent protest began after local police shot a black man, Jacob Blake, during an altercation that occurred as he tried to enter his car, the Associated Press reported.

At a rare personal campaign appearance in Pittsburgh on Monday, Biden blamed Trump for the violence that has erupted in cities across America, calling it “Donald Trump’s America.”

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers doesn’t think Trump should be visiting the city either, writing a letter to the president on Sunday suggesting that he stay in Washington.

“I am concerned your presence will only hinder our healing. I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together,” Evers’ said in an official statement.

Author: David Krayden

Source: Daily Caller: Biden Waiting To Visit Kenosha To Avoid Upsetting ‘The Peaceful Nature’ Of Things, Says Campaign Spokeswoman

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