Trump Draws Massive Crowds To Weekend Rally

While Biden blares about “segregationists” and hatred in his supposedly presidential speech, Trump focuses on harmony and happiness at his vastly more presidential rallies.

The types of rallies that almost make one believe that Trump is president again, if only for a moment.

Then again, in some ways Trump has served as an excellent check against Biden’s increasing authoritarianism – After all, who appointed all the judges blocked Biden’s absurd mandates and other incidents in the first place?

Those would be the judges appointed by Trump, as one of the many safeguards he put in place just in case the outcome of the 2020 elections ended up a bit differently than expected.

And, sadly and surely enough, those elections certainly ended up quite a bit different in terms of their outcome.

Given that the first thing Democrats have done is try to seize as much power as possible since questionably ascending to control of the White House, it is no surprise that they are clearly laying pressure on corporations, especially corporations with a tangential involvement in media affairs, to follow the literal party line (that is, the Democrat line).

After all, consider how many corporations decided to “boycott” the MLB game in Atlanta for Georgia passing legislation that (gasp!) requires horrible things, like photo identification for voting.

Better have that vaccine card ready for some dive bar in Los Angeles, however. That will probably get robbed by BLM on the way back from their “smash and grab” looting sprees. Followed by using EBT cards in grocery stores in more than one case.

After all, students in the Chicago Public High School system have recently demanded for the school district to refill their EBT cards, as if they don’t get enough free meals as it is in public school.

Now that’s American living, Democrat style.

And why is all of the information above not widely discussed in American politics now?

Well, that would be from the Democrats muzzling the media, with the latest assault including AT&T’s decision to drop One America News (OAN), otherwise known as one of the few platforms that delivers real news (when it can).

“One America News has done a great job, and here’s the story of what just happened,” Trump informed the massed, “the woke executives, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing, they have so much debt; AT&T is a company that is in serious trouble … and AT&T’s saying that they may no longer agree to carry this network that’s doing very well.”

In other words, AT&T is facing serious pressure from the Biden administration, either directly or indirectly, to drop OAN. After all, OAN reports far too much truth and far too few lies for the Biden administration’s liking.

“This is horrible,” Trump continued, “this is a great network; these are great people.”

Trump also pointed out that OAN is one of the few networks to watch real news, which he himself does. He also launched a passionate defense of Charles and Robert Herring, OAN executives, both of whom were present to support Trump.

“I watch it all the time and you really get the truth,” Trump proclaimed, “[and] they want to cancel [them] now because of politics, for purely political reasons.”

In other words, American media is becoming more and more like media straight from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) every single day, in particular the pitiable “kid gloves” approach that the media has used with Biden so far.

Then again, if Biden can apparently “get away” with Afghanistan, at least as far as the media is concerned, what can’t he get away with?

That reality doesn’t make his behavior any less disgraceful, however.

“It’s a disgrace what’s going on,” Trump declared, “but I don’t think that people are going to stand for it, especially One America News, the job you’ve done.”

Now, all that is needed are the 2022 midterms, followed by a red tsunami, and then perhaps the nation can stop careening off the tracks …

Author: Ofelia Thornton