Trump Makes Bold Move For American People

When Trump says he will do something, he does it.

His straightforward manner and genuine intentions are precisely why he won over the hearts of millions of Americans (not to mention millions overseas). And it is precisely these characteristics that are on full display now with the opening of a personal office in Florida: The Office of Former President Trump.

And, true to Trump’s promise-keeping reputation, the purpose of the office is to continue advocating for the American people.

“Today, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, formally opened the Office of the Former President.

The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.

President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.” [Source: Fox News]


Never has the time been more pressing for an American Patriot like Trump, especially in light of the utter incompetence and division that has mired Biden’s “presidency” since Day 1. Including his now-open support of impeachment proceedings.

Which will be another failed attempt to undermine Trump.

No matter what the leftist lemmings do, they will never be able to send Trump cowering in a corner. Unsurprisingly, Democrats delivered rather skimpy Articles of Impeachment yesterday, less than a week after the most militarized American inauguration in history, and something suggests that Trump’s post-presidential office will be more successful than Impeachment 2.0.

If only the Democrats were as devoted to COVID relief as they clearly are to impeaching a private citizen. Alas, they have long proven the only thing they are willing to commit themselves to is the reinforcement of their own disturbingly high levels of power, conveniently magnified by the ultimate Communist regime, China, otherwise known as one of Biden’s many puppet masters.

And, in order to ensure the continuation of their absurdly authoritarian aims, they are apparently now convinced that removing a champion for the American people by engaging in rather blatant election theft isn’t good enough.

Apparently, he must also now be “disqualified” for life, which is literally the reason cited by Democrats, who didn’t even bother to make up a phony excuse this time. Most hilariously, Swalwell, who really should be hiding in a corner after his idiotic sexual affair with a Chinese spy, has taken a key leadership role in these impeachment “proceedings”.

Unsurprisingly, he is also one of the most verbose and moronic. See excerpt below.

“But it’s because the Founders put as one of the penalties disqualification from office and because Donald Trump we know will do this again, has such a disdain for democracy and a disdain for public safety, we can’t afford as a country to give him a chance to come close to doing this again.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, wow! All of the sudden the Founding Fathers can be referred to now? What happened to the ultra-woke 1619 Project, not to mention all the statues of various historical figures being toppled or otherwise destroyed, including the statutes of Founding Fathers?

Besides, Mr. Swalwell, just cool it with “public safety” when you blatantly violated national security due to your moronic affair with a Chinese spy.

In other words, shut up.

It really is unbelievable how brainless these lemmings are, and it doesn’t take a very deep reflection to see the extent of their brainlessness, starting with the lunacy of impeachment.

If the Democrats thought a bit more deeply (an admittedly challenging task for them, that’s for sure), they probably should have considered a phony excuse, in light of what such a dogged pursuit of impeachment suggests.

You know, the suggestion really is quite interesting.

If Biden really did receive over 80M votes, exactly what are the Democrats so terrified of in 2024? After all, if Trump really did lose by all those millions, why on earth would anyone be so concerned about Trump even being able to assume power again?

If anything, this almost hysterical insistence on impeachment indirectly reveals even greater likelihood of fraud than anything else, because if Americans really did resoundingly reject Trump, then no fears at all of him assuming public office again should exist.

However, by demanding such a trial, the Democrats are effectively revealing rather blatant desperation. A desperation to bury the truth. Someone should tell the Democrats that burying too much all at once in the most sloppy manner possible is not an ideal way to bury the truth, especially when all the lies covering it begin to fester, but fortunately leftist incompetence has its (marginal) upsides.

That said, American Patriots can be grateful (again), that President Trump refuses to sulk in a corner, and that he also refuses to remain in Washington D.C. and openly engage with the swamp (that would be Obama, after he finally left office, who clearly broke tradition by not returning to his home state, like other more sane, liberty-respecting presidents have done).

However, Trump is setting up his own office in Florida, which he is perfectly entitled to do. And, unlike the money grubbing Obamas, who apparently can be bought with $400,000 speeches at Goldman Sachs (while they publicly denounce “inequality” or “inequity” of course), Trump doesn’t need to engage in such opportunistic, self-involved actions.

Instead, he can focus on what was the driving force of his campaign, the driving force of his presidency, and the driving force of his post-presidential life: The American people.

And, once the sham of an impeachment trial is over, American Patriots can look to what Trump is doing, rather than what the fake news media is saying.

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