Trump Makes His Mark In Major Political Race — Democrats Running Scared

The stakes for the neck-and-neck gubernatorial race in Virginia have just gotten even more fierce.

And the ferocious competition isn’t just due to the fact that leftist McAuliffe is attempting every dirty trick in the book to suffocate GOP hopeful Glenn Youngkin, a political newcomer with an impressive business history …

It’s also due to the fact that Trump recognizes representatives whose ambitions and objectives are similar to his own, namely the prioritization of America and American values.

Which is precisely why Trump has teased a possible rally for Youngkin, namely through Taylor Budowich, the Director of Communications with Save America, Trump’s political PAC.

“Virginia loves President Donald J. Trump and his MAGA movement will be delivering a major victory to Trump-endorsed businessman @GlennYoungkin … President Trump looks forward to being back in Virginia! Details will be released when appropriate.” [Source: Fox News]

One can only imagine how frightened McAuliffe must be at this point, which is rather obvious in his brazen attacks on Youngkin.

“Glenn Youngkin’s entire campaign has been a full embrace of Donald Trump’s dangerous extremism.” [Source: Fox News]

“Dangerous extremism?” Really?

Then who exactly is responsible for the quote below, undeniably an example of “dangerous extremism?”

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” [Source: The Federalist]

Hint: The author of that quote isn’t Youngkin … but it is surely McAuliffe.

So, rather than blame his ailing campaign on his own demented, anti-parent policies, McAuliffe instead decides to “blame Trump,” underscoring (again) the utter lack of critical thinking, not to mention basic understanding of PR optics, that characterize today’s leftist lemmings.

Brit Hume, an analyst with Fox News, also details how McAuliffe is not exactly thrilled with the endorsement of Biden, whose popularity is repeatedly plummeting across the nation.

“Well consider this, Tucker — it was only just a short few weeks ago that Terry McAuliffe was complaining that Joe Biden’s unpopularity and his low approval rating was dragging his, that is to say, McAuliffe’s campaign down, and tonight, there he is — Biden with him in Virginia …

[McAuliffe] is a candidate running scared, very scared, and with good reason. He was never — he was never picked to be a candidate — would have any trouble getting elected, and now, as you point out, solidly blue Virginia when this year began, and this guy, Glenn Youngkin, is somebody nobody ever heard of. He is a political novice, a very successful businessman, but a political novice.” [Source: Breitbart]

Youngkin may be a political novice, but he’s definitely smart enough to avoid building a platform based on hate.

Meanwhile, McAuliffe was also recently busted spending upwards of $100k on … get this … “fake news” websites widely promulgated on Facebook.

That’s right: In spite of the tech giant’s rather unbelievable, self-righteous indignation over so-called “fake news,” the insidious corporation apparently has no qualms whatsoever about “fake news” that hurts GOP candidates.

On top of that, the platform has also long proven to be willing to suffocate real news, namely Hunter Biden’s dastardly laptop, provided that the suffocation hurts GOP candidates as well.

In other words, Facebook apparently feels rather emboldened now, though one can only hope for the platform to be pummeled in the future, namely when Democrats lose their illegitimate grip on the nation’s political and economic health.

Not to mention the nation’s basic national security …

Regardless, as evidenced by poll after poll, Biden’s popularity is tanking, suggesting that his support is likely not the fuel McAuliffe needs to fire up his ultra-leftist gubernatorial campaign.

Hume remarks that McAuliffe may actually succeed in “winning” the Virginia race, though it will nto be an easy victory … particularly given Trump’s recent rally.

“He may pull this out, as I say Virginia is a very blue state, but he is in — he is worried, he is scared, and the presence of the President there is only the most recent manifestation of that.” [Source: Breitbart]

Hallelujah for Trump, who refuses to let big tech’s censorship and mainstream media’s widespread mockery hold him back from promoting what has arguably become the most important political ideology to strike the nation’s public consciousness, particularly in the wake of anti-American Obama’s terrible eight years …


Author: Ofelia Thornton