Trump Nemesis Admits Inconvenient Truth

Recently, one of Trump’s long-running nemeses in politics admitted a startling truth: She just might lose her reelection bid to another up-and-coming Republican challenger who recently secured an endorsement from Trump.

Specifically, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska recently gave an interview to The New York Times, where she admitted that she may not be able to defeat her Trump-endorsed challenger in the upcoming primary race.

“I may be the last man standing,” Murkowski remarked wryly.

“I may not be reelected,” Murkowski continued, attributing that reality to her belief that “it may be that Alaskans [will say], … ‘we want to go with an absolute, down-the-line, always, always, 100 percent never-question [anything], rubber-stamp [everything] Republican.'”

“If they say that, that’s the way that Alaska has gone,” Murkowski added, noting that such a shift would mirror  “kind of the same direction that … many other parts of the [nation] have gone.”

Murkowski indicated that she has to “accept that,” though she will still provide Alaska voters with “the option” of her moderate stance towards politics.

As noted by the Hill, Murkowski has frequently split from the Republican Party on several major votes, including her recent confirmation of Biden’s controversial Supreme Court Justice pick, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

In addition, she also voted in favor of convicting Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, though Trump was a private citizen at the time.

Murkowski’s primary challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, has received a resounding endorsement from the former president, who remains highly influential in politics.

“Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski, and she will,” Trump declared, adding that his preferred candidate strongly values “America First” and “Alaska Values.”

The New York Times also observed that Murkowski has received up to $7.4M in advertising funds from Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, in order to support her candidacy.

As a result, Murkowski remains hopeful.

“Maybe I am just completely politically naïve, and this ship has sailed,” Murkowski remarked, but she said she will not give up until “[giving] Alaskans the opportunity to weigh in.”