Trump Officially Cracks Down On Lawless Cities

President Trump has exhibited infinitely more patience than most leaders would in similar circumstances. After ultra-leftist governors and mayors have shown zero inclination to protect residents in their own states and cities, respectively, Trump has finally invoked his legal authority to protect Americans.

For weeks, rioters have exploited the death of George Floyd to loot, steal, maim, kill, and otherwise destroy the fabric of American society and all who dare to express pride over being American. Police have all but been immobilized by “progressive” politicians eager to preen for the media while hardworking citizens literally fear for their lives upon leaving their homes.

Time and time again, President Trump has warned politicians that he will invoke his legal authority to intervene in cities if mayors or governors refuse to allow the police to do their jobs. As calls for defunding cities that deliberately permit anarchy reach a crescendo, Trump has finally had enough.

Defying the leftists, Trump announced that the national guard would be moving into cities that refuse to allow police to do their jobs, as his first and foremost priority is to protect Americans. Imagine that!

“Today, I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime. We’ll work every single day to restore public safety, protect our nation’s children and bring violent perpetrators to justice. We’ve been doing it and you’ve been seeing what’s happening all around the country. We’ve just started this process and frankly, we have no choice but to get involved … My first duty as President is to protect the American people, and today I am taking action to fulfill that sacred obligation…to those crying for justice and crying for help, help is on its way …

I’m proud to stand with you in this struggle … I’m proud to fight by your side to deliver a better future for the citizens of every race, color and creed. As soon as the cities call to ask for help we will be there in full force and will stop this horrible situation very quickly, but in the meantime we’re doing something that’s going to have an impact.” [Source: Town Hall]

In other words, all lives matter, and in light of the Chicago Mayor’s inaction after another horrific shooting, Trump cares more about black lives than the Democrats ever will.

Needless to say, Trump could care less over all the mayors, governors, and otherwise bratty leftists who are whining about Trump supposedly abusing power. Frankly, ordering police to stand down so rioters essentially have a license to kill and steal is a much greater abuse of power, not to mention an illegal abuse of power, but these little facts are always conveniently ignored when the media goes on yet another unintelligible “orange man bad” tirade.

The Communist News Network, otherwise known as CNN, will undoubtedly proclaim that Trump is yet again “abusing power,” with nary a lawbook in sight. In fact, perhaps it’s a good thing that one of the chief disseminators of misinformation doesn’t have a law book laying around (do they ever?), as they might find the following inconvenient truth, specifically US Code, Title 10, Subtitle: E, Chapter 1211, Section 12406, also known as “The National Guard in Federal Service”:


(1) the United States, or any of the Commonwealths or possessions, is invaded or is in danger of invasion by a foreign nation;

(2) there is a rebellion or danger of a rebellion against the authority of the Government of the United States; or

(3) the President is unable with the regular forces to execute the laws of the United States;

the President may call into Federal service members and units of the National Guard of any State in such numbers as he considers necessary to repel the invasion, suppress the rebellion, or execute those laws.” [Source: Cornell Law School]

It is safe to say that the past few weeks unequivocally qualify as a rebellion against the Government of the United States. It is also safe to say that this law will be addressed exactly nowhere on the fake news networks … then again, the Democrats don’t exactly depend on citizens who respect the law for their votes.

For weeks, the Democrats have salivated over the destruction of American heritage and history, emboldening the rioters to act even more egregiously. They’re well aware of the fact that the rest of the world is watching the United States literally burn, and they could care less as they’ve demonstrated nothing but hatred and derision for America, American values, and most of all, a President actually proud to be American: President Trump.

Hilariously, the Democrats suddenly hate what they perceive to be absolute authority … when they’re not the ones wielding it. They have no problem demanding that Americans pay for the lifestyles of people who deliberately bypass legal immigration channels, nor do they have a problem with screaming college brats who literally set buildings on fire just to avoid exposure to the “micro aggression” of conservative speakers.

Democrats also don’t seem to have a problem with the likes of AOC claiming that rioters are just “stealing bread” to survive, Ilhan Omar calling for a complete destruction of American institutions, including the Constitution of the United States; in fact, they seem to be in a rush to compete with them in terms of who sounds the most insane … or “progressive.”

Yet when President Trump moves to protect Americans, the leftists predictably start wailing and raging over the President’s efforts to undermine “peaceful protests.”

Fortunately, several politicians have praised Trump’s backbone, namely the ones on the front lines of the violent outbreak of crime.

Oregon Senate Minority Leader Fred Giron stated that he was thrilled with Trump’s decision after 56 days of governor inactivity (must be nice to have that “employment”).

“’We have a governor that hasn’t lifted one finger to try to contain any of this, and today is its 56th day,’ Mr. Giron said Wednesday on Fox News.

‘We should be able to fix this problem ourselves, but we have a governor that sides with the rioters … Hence the need for federal protection.’” [Source: Washington Times]

Democrats have tried some desperate tactics before for stealing an election, but 2020 truly takes the cake.

Just imagine the “protests” after those 2020 election results come in …

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