Trump Reveals Brilliant Setup To RNC – Democrats Aren’t Happy

President Trump has just revealed his plans for the RNC Convention, and the event already appears set to shine. The list of speakers is stellar, and most excitingly of all, Trump will speak each night of the convention, underscoring his devotion to Americans and illuminating Biden’s general disengagement with the public.

The event also appears particularly attractive after the discombobulated fiasco of an unimpressive convention put on by the Democrats. Featuring Hollywood “stars” and a barrage of hatred, the DNC did not exactly offer messages of hope for the future, not to mention a total absence of love for America.

Unsurprisingly, last week’s DNC Convention was likely an event that everyone would like to forget. Perhaps even some of the few conscious Democrats that might remain in the insanely leftist party would like to forget it most of all.

After all, Michelle Obama’s emotionally overwrought speech was less popular that GOP newcomer Kimberly Klacik’s new advertisement, and the DNC Convention overall was a total failure by any conceivable, objective measurement. The ratings decline was noticeable from the first night, with a 25% decline on the first night and nearly a 50% decline by the second night.

Biden himself barely even attended the convention, save for delivering a ghost-written speech with a rather blatant Freudian slip. Who can forget one of the greatest gaffes, and ironically, greatest truths: “There’s nothing we’ve been able to accomplish together.”

Won’t dispute you on that one, Biden. It does appear that the Democrat party has been able to accomplish “nothing” together over the past few years, including resisting the influence of incredibly loud, totally toxic freshman representatives who have managed to subsume the entire party in their insane rhetoric.

This takeover has resulted in Democrats’ apparent hatred of the United States, which embodied the essence of the DNC and was rightfully characterized by Trump as an event overly focused on darkness.

“Where Joe Biden sees American darkness, I see American greatness,” the president said Friday at a gathering of the Council for National Policy, which is composed of leading Republican donors.

“Four straight days attacking America, as a racist, horrible country that must be redeemed,” Trump said as he painted a portrait of the Democratic gathering as the “darkest, gloomiest” convention. “Joe Biden grimly declared a season of American darkness, but look at what we’ve accomplished, until the plague came in, and look, we’re doing it again.” [Source: Fox News]

Needless to say, Biden’s portrayal of the United States as one of the darkest nations on earth supposedly “justifies” his plan for upending the government and robbing people of their economic liberty, which is one of the quickest ways to disempower them and stymie their efforts to leave. Vice President Pence called out Biden’s plan for exactly what it is, no matter how he tries to spin it otherwise.

“[Biden has] been overtaken by the radical left and while they didn’t talk about it very much, their agenda is higher taxes, socialized medicine, open borders, abortion on demand.” Pence promised to make the Democrats’ agenda “clear to the American people next week.” [Source: Fox News]
In other words, Biden was foreshadowing what America would ultimately become if he were to win by massive fraud in November. In addition, Pence also rightly called out for Biden for barely proposing a platform; instead, his platform appears to revolve around complete complicity in the media onslaught on Trump.

However, Pence and Trump are not the only ones who believe strong in the GOP Convention’s potential, particularly for the everyday, hardworking American. While the GOP Convention will not feature a slew of woke celebrities, it will feature innumerable moments that will reach the hearts of Americans and remind them of the great fortune in living in one of the freest nations on earth.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel weighed in on this exactly issue, with a humorous jab towards Hollywood’s flailing celebrities, one of the main “attractions” of the DNC Convention.

“The president’s convention is going to be about real people. I’m a real mom. I don’t play one on TV,” McDaniel emphasized. “The president’s going to talk about real families, real people, what’s affected their lives, how his policies have made lives better and then what the future holds for America. It’s going to be more aspirational, less grim.” [Source: Fox News]

The Democrats have predictably made a huge fuss over all the supposed chaos that will characterize Trump’s convention, with CNN already blasting it as “Trump-centric” (well, he is the GOP presidential candidate for 2020 …) and DNC Chairman Tom Perez arguing that the convention will be nothing but “chaos, chaos, chaos.”

Well, at least Trump is set to shine by taking on a vastly more active role, Mr. Perez. A role that your own candidate could learn from, particularly since Americans voted in that type of leadership in droves just under four years ago.

Hopefully, a significant number of individuals will tune in to the RNC Convention, showing the DNC how a proper convention is run, not to mention how a proper platform and ideal leadership are established.

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