Trump Sets Crosshairs On Backstabbing GOP

Trump is back and more influential than ever!

Contrary to McConnell’s likely desires (i.e., for Trump to fade into political oblivion), Trump has emerged stronger than ever after the joke of a 2020 election, followed closely by (another) joke of an impeachment “trial.”

After retiring quietly back to Florida, however, Trump has ramped up his passion for Americans like never before, already providing endorsements (or lack thereof) to various members of the GOP.

And, unlike Obama, Trump didn’t have to drop millions (earned from big banks) on some compound in D.C. to remain influential; Trump knows that no matter where in the world he is, his influence will follow.

Starting with the 2022 midterm elections, which are critically necessary to keep Biden (or, potentially, Kamala) reasonably in check.

For instance, Trump threw strong support behind the Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, particularly due to McMaster’s strong support of the military, Second Amendment, and position on crime prevention, which has been made crystal clear on more than one occasion.

“Soldiers and airmen put their careers and families on hold to confront threats to us, both here and abroad … Such remarkable service must be recognized and encouraged.” [Source: OANN]

Given the great esteem in which Trump holds American soldiers, it is not surprising that he would endorse McMaster, referring to him as a “fabulous chief executive for his state.”

Trump also threw strong support behind Senator Tim Scott’s re-election campaign, endowing Scott with his “complete and total endorsement.”

Senator Scott, unlike the fake news media, has recognized the strong value that Trump has brought to minority communities, particularly in the form of job creation and economic empowerment, otherwise known as the tools to truly become free from the grips of the Democrats’ deviously designed welfare system.

And Scott was not shy at all to make that proclamation to the media.

“President Trump built the most inclusive economy ever … Seven million jobs created pre-COVID-19, and two thirds of them went to women, African Americans and Hispanics.” [Source: OANN]

In other words, President Trump did the total opposite of the ultra-leftist administration before him, as well as the complete opposite of the even more ultra-leftist administration has done after him.

While Trump was brimming over with endorsements, he did not forget a few GOP members that are not exactly representative of their constituents’ interests, such as Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia who refused to acknowledge issues with the election.

This refusal is even more ironic considering that Georgia began floating election reform laws in 2021, a discrepancy that did not go unnoticed by Trump.

“[Kemp] ended up winning the election and he certainly was not very effective for the Republican Party, to put it nicely. So I think that was an endorsement that hurt us, but sometimes that will happen …

You can’t pick 100 percent of the winners. Governor Kemp, what he did for the Republican Party and to the Republican Party and to the state of Georgia, which is a great state, was sad.” [Source: OANN]

Exactly. Kemp very well may have made a huge difference in the 2020 outcome, but he elected not to, in spite of Trump’s strong support of him in 2018.

Similarly, Trump also targeted a GOP Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, for disloyalty to her constituents. Including the decision to vote in favor of impeaching Trump, which is hardly conservatives in Alaska had in mind.

Which is precisely why Trump strongly targeted her.

“I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator.” [Source: Politico]

Very fair points, Trump.

It will be quite interesting to see who Trump endorses and does not endorse over the coming months, and even more interesting to see who flies and who flounders after his endorsement or non-endorsement of various individuals, respectively …

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