Trump Supporter Killed In Cold Blood, Details Are Horrifying…

It is never pleasant to start the week with tragedy. Unfortunately, the completely lawless circumstances of liberal cities in the United States have predictably erupted into another tragedy this weekend. This time, however, someone was directly killed for being a Trump supporter, or a “Trumper.”

For once, a group of counter-protestors arrived since the mayor of Portland cannot be bothered to do anything aside from look really good for an increasingly small audience within focus groups, apparently. His idea of looking good for focus groups apparently includes not allowing the National Guard enter Portland to help keep the peace, despite the extreme threat of violence.

As a result, an innocent young man, who did not attack or otherwise provoke anyone, is dead. Guilty of appearing to support Trump.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, an expert on Antifa who recently testified to Congress, a car was deliberately targeted after it appeared to show support for Trump.

“It sounds like someone is shouting, “We got a Trumper right here” just before the shots are fired and the man is killed.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ngo followed up by commenting that the young man targeted had been killed, though not yet ID’d.

“The ID of the deceased man is not confirmed yet but he was wearing a thin blue line patch & a hat which had the Patriot Prayer logo, suggesting he was one of the conservatives,” Ngo alleged. “Antifa falsely said a fascist killed a black person tonight, which riled up their people to violence.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In other words, as Portland rioters prepared to destroy safety and businesses over the weekend once more, a group of Trump supporters drove to Portland, also exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully gather. While rioters clearly missed the peaceful part, the Trump supporters did not.

Unfortunately, however, the Trump supporters misjudged the psychopathy of the rioters. While most police officers are abundantly aware of the fact that they can be killed at any time for any reason, on duty or off duty, active duty or retired, most Trump supporters probably do not anticipate being instantly killed just for supporting Trump.

Cars keyed? Certainly. Jeered and heckled? Absolutely. “Cancelled?” Of course. Fired? Probably. Divorced? Potentially. Defriended? Well, based on Herschel Walker’s recent comments about losing friends due to his support Trump, clearly.

But arbitrarily killed without violent provocation merely for indicating support of Trump? As in instant death, with no trial, no jury, or basically none of the other rights that rioters and protestors have been supposedly raging about regarding their pursuit of “justice” for months?

As most Americans have known, the rioters, or, as dubbed by the fake news media, “peaceful protestors,” have turned cities upside down and literally terrified people from leaving their homes in weeks, as if all the nonstop terror about the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough.

Furthermore, antifa also invented a total lie, which resulted in the death of a young man.

However, many Americans may have misjudged just how sick many of these rioters are. In fact, after the death of an innocent young man, one would think that the rioters might reconsider their actions.

That would be giving the rioters far too much credit, judging from the despicable quote from one antifa supporter who proclaimed she was glad that was glad a fascist was dead and didn’t feel guilty at all.

“I am not sad that a f—ing fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers. The ID of the deceased is not confirmed but he is believed to be a Trump & blue lives supporter.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Imagine the reaction if any Trump supporter posted a similar comment about someone who had just been killed by the police.

Actually, no need to imagine, as apparently just demonstrating support for Trump is enough to get someone killed these days, never mind if a Trump supporter actually incites the killing.

Of course, the fake news media is already blaming Trump for the tragedy, though Trump was the one who offered to send in the National Guard.

One can only hope that no one else will die in the coming weeks over their political beliefs.

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