Trump Takes Bold Action Against Corrupt Pharmaceutical Companies

While the fake news media and Democrats have been busy spewing their usual hate speech about President Trump, Trump has been busy behind the scenes with decisive actions that benefit Americans, otherwise known as actions that the left is incapable of.

One of Trump’s promises on the campaign trail was to dramatically lower the cost of medical treatment and medications for Americans, even though it would mean directly taking on formidable pharmaceutical companies with even more formidable lobbying groups in Washington D.C.

However, since Trump isn’t a complete swamp rat, like the vast majority of the other politicians are, he doesn’t feel obligated to play by the same little lobbying niceties that everyone else does. In that regard, it really is unsurprising that the fake news has launched the assault that it has on Trump, as he’s clearly upset more than one domino behind the scenes.

By virtue of Trump being the antithesis of a DC political swamp rat, he confidently signed four different executive orders which are designed to significantly decrease the price of prescription medication for Americans, including vital, widely uses medications such as insulin and epinephrine.

“The four orders I’m signing today will be on the prescription drug market in terms of pricing and everything else to make these medications affordable and accessible for all Americans,” said Trump, surrounded by health care professionals. “The first order will require federal community health centers to pass the giant discounts they received from drug companies on insulin and EpiPens directly to their patients. You know insulin became so expensive people weren’t able to use it. They desperately needed it” [Source: Daily Wire]

In other words, President Trump listens to the needs of the American people, rather than the whims of social media justice warriors, otherwise known as the primary constituency of the Democrats. While the leftists and their mindless followers continue to spew hatred, Trump continues to keep his focus on the American people, as he’s promised to do all along.

Note how President Trump also says “all Americans.” Not “white Americans.” Not “black Americans.” Not “Christian Americans.” Not “Muslim Americans.” No, President Trump says, “all Americans,” a phrase that Democrats might want to become familiar with if they have any interest whatsoever in not being totally annihilated in November.

President Trump also called out the manufacturers and distributors of EpiPen for their disgusting level of greed, namely by absurdly increasing the price of the EpiPen in order to accrue major revenues for themselves, despite the fact that the price increase literally risked people’s lives. Recognizing the horror of how Americans have been taken advantage of, Trump asserted that EpiPen would be dealt with immediately.

“We have it to a level that you’re not going to believe,” he continued. “EpiPens — likewise you have been hearing horrible stories about EpiPens over the last six or seven years, horrible, horrible, horrible increases for where they went to almost nothing to massive amounts of money. We’re changing that right now.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In contrast, Forbes ran a piece on Nancy Pelosi late last year titled, “The Missed Opportunities in Nancy Pelosi’s Prescription Drug Reform Bill.”

Looks like Trump, as usual, filled in the gaps virtually always missed by Ms. Pelosi, but perhaps Pelosi is simply just endlessly distracted by trying to appear as “woke” as possible alongside her radical squad, otherwise known the spawn of swampy social media.

In addition to targeting insulin specifically, which Trump recognizes as a vital health need for some of the “poorest patients” in the United States, he also proclaimed that various questionable kickbacks perpetuated by middle men would be eliminated.

Even more importantly, Trump has vowed to import more prescription medication from Canada, which would make a nice change from China, where the United States has been importing

Ultimately, President Trump will not only be serving the American people through his latest executive order, but he will also help rebalance unfair economic relationships with other nations, particularly those who have benefited from vastly cheaper medicines courtesy of American medical research.

Vowing to end “global freeloading on the backs of American patients and American seniors,” Trump asserted that other countries would no longer enjoy such freeloading under his watch, given that Trump, unlike the previous administration, places Americans first.

“For decades our citizens have paid the highest prices for drugs, prescription drugs, anywhere in the world, and it is not even close,” Trump said. “Foreign nations have paid vastly less for the exact same drug again and the exact same box from the exact same plant, from the exact same company. They would pay 10%, 20%, 30%. What our people are paying a pill that would sell for one dollar in certain countries.” [Source: Daily Wire]

As if there weren’t already enough good reasons to vote for Trump this November. Then again, Trump has proven he’s not only a man of his word, he’s a man who will excel beyond even his own word whenever possible.

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