Trump’s Endorsement Soars To The Top

Only two weeks remain until Republicans across Pennsylvania select a nominee for the seat of Senator Pat Toomey, who recently announced his retirement. While three strong contenders are in the running, one has soared to the top: Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been strongly endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump.

The television celebrity, who has long endeared himself to millions of Americans through his advice, currently holds a 20 percent lead amongst all GOP contenders, per a poll released by Monmouth University.

After Dr. Oz, hedge fund billionaire David McCormick is the second-most popular candidate, garnering approximately 16 percent of Pennsylvanians’ support. TV commentator Kathy Barnette follows behind McCormick at 12 percent.

Of all the Republicans in Pennsylvania supporting Dr. Oz, Trump’s endorsement was cited as a key factor in making their decision for the ideal Senate candidate to replace Toomey’s seat.

The former president will be making an appearance at a rally in Western Pennsylvania over the weekend, which will hopefully enhance Oz’s appeal to voters.

In spite of Dr. Oz’s commanding lead, various sources also note that the race remains up in the air, as the contest remains fairly competitive.

According to Lowman Henry, who represents the conservative Lincoln Institute, observed that “the negative attack ads by Super PACs supporting David McCormick seem not to be harming Oz as much as might normally be expected,” in large part due to the reality that “voters have been familiar with him for many years from his regular TV appearances,” Lowman Henry of the conservative Lincoln Institute told us.

Henry also weighed in on Barnette, noting that she “appears to be benefitting from the shooting war between Oz and McCormick.”

Nonetheless, it will be critical for Barnette to acquire “a significant paid media presence … to surge ahead” in the next week or so, according to Henry.

On the Democrat end, the main candidate appears to be Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who is highly progressive.

According to the same Monmouth poll, Fetterman currently holds a 44 percent lead over a more moderate Democrat candidate, Representative Conor Lamb, who leads by 23 percent. A candidate that purports to belong to the far-left, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, holds a 14 percent lead.

Pennsylvania has become a crucial battleground in the past few election cycles, with multiple residents continuing to demonstrate a strong affinity for Trump.