Trump’s Hilarious Father’s Day Message Is a Must-See

Former President Donald Trump delivered a touching message on Father’s Day, even extending his well-wishes to the “Losers” and “Radical Left’ from across the political aisle. The hilarious statement released to his Save America website is totally on brand for Trump, and a breath of fresh air from the constant doom-and-gloom the Democrats offer.

In his celebratory message, Trump wished for unity amongst all combating political factions…eventually.

Read his hilarious Father’s Day message here:

Trump’s message followed a series of statements related to Father’s Day, including a suggestion that tickets to his speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly would make a perfect gift for Dad.

Bill O’Reilly agreed, pushing the remaining available tickets left for sale on his Twitter account.

The Former President’s Father’s Day statements comes in stark contrast to Democrats’ sappy, humorless messages. Isn’t this why we love Trump after all? Unlike the Democrats, he understands that the American people love to laugh, that not everything has to be taken with utmost seriousness and piety.

First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden chimed in to praise her husband, the barely-functioning president, who’s “boundless love” she claims is an “anchor” for the entire Biden family. She included a loving family photo to accompany her well-wishes.

True. His “boundless love” for corruption and collusion and shady overseas business deals has enriched the entire family, namely the embattled son Hunter.

Joe Biden’s handlers blurted out a Father’s Day message as well, paying close attention to the words used as to not offend the Radical Left. His team was careful to say “father figures” in the message as many on the Left believe women can be dad’s as well.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama publicly praised her husband, Barack, on social media. Her message to the Former President came with a picture of their daughters in the Oval Office, saying, “they couldn’t have asked for a better role model.”

A role model with blood on his hands doesn’t sound like a good role model. The two-term Democratic president not only ramped up violence in the Middle East, but even started new wars, ordering Hillary Clinton’s State Department to meddle in foreign affairs that led to the Benghazi disaster.

For an honest, authentic Father’s Day message, check out Donald Trump Jr. post that he dedicated to “all the dads.” In his post he included pictures of the Trump family and a short video message.

Author: Asa McCue