Twitter Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene … Again

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a firebrand conservative, has been suspended from Twitter again, though this time her suspension will last for an entire week. Twitter claimed that Greene had been violating its community guidelines by posting alleged vaccine misinformation.

The suspension of Greene marks the most recent battle between politicians and Big Tech over censorship regarding public health commentary.

The social media giant has a five-strike policy regarding COVID misinformation. Currently, Greene is on her fourth strike, which means she will be banned from Twitter for a week. Greene frequently tweets various controversial anecdotes pertaining to the vaccines and COVID.

On Monday night, Greene claimed that vaccines were “failing,” adding that they “do not stop the spread of the virus,” nor do “masks.”

Greene also argued that the FDA should not consider approving the COVID vaccines, especially given numerous reports regarding the spread and infection of COVID, including amongst “vaccinated people.”

J&J, Modern, and Pfizer vaccines have been demonstrated to be enormously effective against COVID, including the delta variant that is sweeping through the nation now.

A spokesperson for Twitter claimed that Greene’s tweets had been labeled “in line” with the company’s “COVID-19 misleading information policy.”

Consequently, Greene’s account will appear in “read-only mode” over the next week as a result of her “repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

The tech giant’s misinformation policy explicitly states that any information posted on its platform that is “demonstrably false of misleading,” as well a likely to “lead to significant risk of harm” related to the COVID virus “may not be shared on Twitter.”

In a statement on Tuesday, Greene argued that she has been targeted unfairly by Twitter, and she also assailed the rhetoric of Anthony Fauci, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi.

“Twitter suspended me for speaking the truth,” Greene proclaimed, adding that “the truth is so offensive to the fragile hypocrites all over Twitter.” In addition, Greene also pointed out that she was saying what many other people have been saying.

“It’s a good thing my voters couldn’t care less about Twitter,” Greene concluded.