‘Undecided’ Results In Election Causing Mayhem

The day after the election, many Patriots woke up to the news that they had long been fearing: An undecided election. As the election results poured in, the race between Trump and Biden became nail-bitingly tense.

And the tension is still escalating, given that Pennsylvania’s Democratic leadership has followed through on its threat to take “days” to count the election results.

As announced by Democrat Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Sunday, Pennsylvania received ten times the mail in ballot average in the 2020 election (thank you, Pelosi, for your perverse insistence on mail-in ballots).

“So yes, it will take longer,” Boockvar said, “I expect the overwhelming majority of ballots in Pennsylvania, that’s mail-in absentee ballots, as well as in-person ballots, will be counted within a matter of days.”

A matter of days. Well, that’s wonderful. Not.

Translation: No clear due date in sight, as “a matter of days” could mean two days or two weeks. Or longer, recalling Gore’s absurd posturing in Florida two decades ago. However, two decades ago, it wasn’t the norm for people to riot, burn down stores, and threaten conservatives to the violent extent that they do now.

Is it too much to ask for some clarity regarding the process for counting votes in one of the United States’ most consequential elections in recent memory?

On the contrary, Governor Tom Wolf has asserted over 1 million votes have not yet been counted. Wonderful.

Of course, Pennsylvania also did not begin counting its mail-in votes until yesterday, a practice that has dubious justification at best. If Pennsylvania knows that it is receiving “ten times” the usual number of mail-in ballots, wouldn’t it be best to begin counting ballots before the election?

Unless, of course, Democratic party “officials” want to get a sense of how many in-person votes on Election Day were going towards Trump. Food for thought.

In fact, speaking of that food for thought, early reports out of Pennsylvania are grim, with Democratic poll officials banning any form of conservative oversight.

For instance, Gary Feldman, who possesses a lawful Philadelphia County Board of Elections Poll Watcher’s Certificate, was banned from polling locations across Philadelphia. This ban is a flagrant disregard of the city’s own ordinances, which the Philly GOP announced across its Twitter page.

“North Philadelphia: poll watcher DENIED entry. DEMOCRAT committee person seems to be running election board. Will not allow watcher in, said she is calling her ward leader — who has NO official standing. #StopTheSteal”
[Source: Breitbart]

The Philly GOP also provided updates regarding other treacherous, Democrat-led actions, including other conservative poll watchers who were kicked out of various locations across the city.

“Certified Republican poll watchers are being kicked out of Mitchum Wilson Funeral Home, Wharton Rec Center, AND Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. Watchers are told their certification doesn’t mean anything. @CouncilmemberKJ , what’s going on in your district?” [Source: Breitbart]

Excellent point. What is going on in these districts? A scheme that virulent “squad” member Ilhan Omar would be proud of?

While one longs for the results of Pennsylvania to be announced today, it appears that the selfish Democrats running the system are going to put Americans through more torture while they take their sweet time “counting” ballots at a torturously glacial pace.

If they truly are “counting” ballots (rather than selectively editing and/or discarding them, in light of troubling USPS trends over the past few months), then Trump should win a resounding victory. Assuming the Democrats are behaving truthfully, as they’re clearly running the show there, to the potential detriment of America’s future.

Outside of Pennsylvania, Trump has had a strong showing in some of the most critical states in the election, despite initial results revealing a trend towards Biden. For instance, Florida and Ohio, and shockingly, Texas, showed a strong leaning towards Democrats at first, until the states ultimately went to the GOP.

Texas also happened to be the site of a major ballot harvesting incident, which does make one wonder about the veracity of the results.

Fortunately, the people’s will prevailed.

These state victories are even sweeter when several polls had Biden in a sizable lead, which clearly proved to be meritless on the official Election Day.

Plus, the ever popular “popular vote” argument from the left illustrated a curious turn last night: Trump was easily leading in the popular vote until California’s votes began pouring in.

Given that California is one of the most notorious hosts of sanctuary cities, wherein just about anyone can vote, it is interesting how the popular vote did not shift until results from California came pouring in.

Regardless, as mentioned for weeks now, the worst fears of Patriots appear to be partially realized, as we all knew the Democrats wouldn’t go down with an exceptionally nasty fight.

While Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina have yet to be called, they are leaning more heavily towards Trump. Assuming he receives those states’ electoral votes, Trump will have 260 electoral votes in total, which means he will have to take either Wisconsin or Pennsylvania to win.

At the time of this writing, Trump has a strong lead in Pennsylvania: He has 2,965,636 votes (55.8%) compared to Biden’s 2,290,624 votes (43.1%).

One can only hope that mail-in ballots will not reduce Trump’s lead that dramatically, and only time will tell if the Democrats played by the rules in one of the most critical states of the 2020 Presidential Election.

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