Unions Threaten Complete Chaos Before Election

Well, now that COVID-19 apparently cannot suffice as an excuse for refusing to work, unions are now threatening walkouts and other disruptions due to BLM. It’s always something with the left, isn’t it?

Several weeks ago, multiple teachers were threatening to not go back to work over COVID-19, despite data from the CDC not only showing a clear flattening of infections, but also of greatly reduced mortality rates relative to the spring. Furthermore, other CDC data has also revealed that only 6 percent of deaths were directly caused by the
coronavirus, with 94 percent of the remaining cases attributed to underlying conditions.

Thus, given the rather scant support from the CDC data at this point in time, unionized laborers apparently need another reason to refuse to work, and that reason is now suddenly over BLM. Labor leaders from multiple sectors of the economy, including teachers, have now threatened to not show up to work over social justice issues.

In a detailed letter released to the public, these labor unions have all but made it clear to expect nothing but total chaos until the November 2020 election.

“The status quo — of police killing Black people, of armed white nationalists killing demonstrators, of millions sick and increasingly desperate — is clearly unjust, and it cannot continue,” says the statement from several branches of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union, and affiliates of the National Education Association …

“We echo the call to local and federal government to divest from the police, to redistribute the stolen wealth of the billionaire class, and to invest in what our people need to live in peace, dignity, and abundance: universal health care and housing, public jobs programs and cash assistance, and safe working conditions,” the statement reads. [Source: Fox News]

In other words, the unions “echo the call” of the insane squad members that have overtaken the Democrat Party, not to mention the attempt to cancel Trump in November 2020.

They really are getting desperate, aren’t they?

In addition, when thinking a bit more deeply about what a teacher’s strike may entail, perhaps it is just what Trump needs to truly fix the severe issues that have plagued public education for decades.

While public schools have been unabashedly liberal for decades, they appear to have been taken over by a special level of anti-American anarchy within the past several years.

Exhibit A:

An assistant principal, Steven Lysenko, in New York recently went on a foul tirade against police officers, laden with expletives and hatred, which can be seen in full display in this rather telling video.

“Our peacekeepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a s***ty-assed job they were doing,” Lysenko said in anger. “They can f*** right off, America!”

“F*** the police,” he screamed while wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. “F*** Rochester police Department!” [Source: The Blaze]

According to Mr. Lysenko’s overly active social media page, he also proclaims that #WhiteLivesMatter is nothing short of promoting “white supremacy” on his Twitter account.

Charming. What a leader for the youth of America.

Too bad this occurred in New York, and it is not surprising that the school district has said this particular event “will be addressed as a confidential, personnel matter.”

One can only hope that this “confidential” matter will eventually result in a publicized firing, but these days, it is nearly impossible to say what will or won’t happen to punish someone that practices open sedition, particularly a representative of “education.”

Exhibit B:

A principal at a Boca Raton High School, William Latson, came under fire for informing parents that the Holocaust would not be taught as it should be since some people do not believe in it and there is a need to respect people’s “feelings” over the issue.

He also claimed that he could not say that the Holocaust is “factual” since he is “a school district employee.” What?

Fortunately, this particular principal was let go in vastly more sane Florida; however, one can only imagine how many other doppelgangers there are running amok in our schools.

These exhibits could go on endlessly, but they are useful to keep in mind when thinking about what teachers actually teach anymore in public school, when they bother to show up to work, that is. One can only imagine the rather light workload they all must have to engage so vociferously in these riots.

Perhaps it would be the best if all these unionized socialists go on indefinite strike, leaving charter schools and other vastly superior alternatives to pick up the where the lazy unions left off.

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