USPS Caught Red-Handed In Ballot Fraud

A Trump 2020 victory should all but be assured on Tuesday, barring one critical weakness: The continued fraud that keeps emerging with mail-in ballots.

As much as one would hope to believe that this fraud is a baseless conspiracy theories, the most recent arrest of yet another USPS employee reveals the threat is very real, and potentially election-changing.

In Kentucky, a USPS worker faces federal charges for hurling ballots straight into the trash, as demonstrated by the troubling photo above. Needless to say, it would be difficult to count ballots from garbage dumpsters, assuming they remain intact enough in the first place to be counted.

While the arrest of one USPS worker in connection to election fraud is one far too many, this particular employee is hardly the only one. Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in the 2020 election, has also seen its share of USPS fraud and subsequent arrests.

In just the past two weeks, Pittsburgh alone saw the arrests of two postal workers who opted to destroy mail instead of deliver it, another story that barely made the fake news.

These arrests are not only deeply disturbing in terms of the integrity of the upcoming election, but they also reveal the completely false promise embedded in the carefully worded statements of the USPS, who claims its “number one priority between now and the November election is the secure, timely delivery of the nation’s Election Mail.”

So much for keeping that priority in check. Is the USPS really that incompetent, or are those words, just like the words of so many liberals, ultimately nothing but meaningless platitudes?

On top of the trashed ballots, other major antics have taken place with mail-in ballots. For instance, ballot drop boxes that have been set on fire in Boston and Los Angeles (hey, it appears looters can do more than set stores on fire, after all …)

One cannot help but contrast these destroyed ballots and incinerated ballot drop boxes with the visible support Trump has steadily accrued over the past several months, further reinforcing the swell of support he’s had in droves since 2016.

By all foreseeable observations, Trump should win the 2020 election in a landslide, for multiple, observable reasons that even the fake news cannot hide, in spite of their most valiant efforts.

Thousands continue to show up at Trump’s rallies, whereas Kamala and Biden are lucky if they receive several dozen. As demonstrated in Arizona this week, thousands upon thousands poured out to support Trump, whereas Kamala attracted a grand total of 100.

Considering her “platform” was nothing but spewing racially related hatred, it is unsurprising she drew so few. Still, to be fair, that is one of her “largest” rallies. Hers or Biden’s, one might ask? Hard to say, as Biden keeps calling himself her running mate.

On top of Trump’s official rallies, thousands upon thousands continue to rally for Trump without him even physically present, including impressive displays in liberal strongholds like New Jersey and Manhattan, as well as in spectacular showings across areas that Clinton coldly dismissed as the home to “deplorables.”

However, if the mail-in saga continues, fears are rightfully increasing about the ways in which the “official” numbers will ultimately be reported, particularly in major battleground states.

In fact, a list of states that are potentially most vulnerable to mail in fraud was recently released, and sure enough, all five of these states are among the most closely watched states in the upcoming presidential election: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Florida.

Among the many concerns that could upset the integrity of the election in these states? Well, these concerns really run the gambit, as they include anything and everything, such as: trashing ballots, setting ballot drop boxes aflame, permitting illegals to vote, allowing ongoing ballot harvesting practices, counting double votes, and a range of other nefarious practices that each state has been caught up in over the past few years.

And the media criticizes Trump for encouraging in-person voting on November 3. Of course, this criticism is totally baseless and devoid of facts, but facts have proven to be buzzkills more than anything in liberal land.

Sooner rather than later, November 3 will be arriving, though the actual results may not be revealed for some states until a few days after the election, given the purported time needed to count (or collect new?) ballots.

With any luck, Trump will win by such a clear landslide in more than one battleground state that the victor should not be in dispute, no matter how long state officials opt to twiddle their thumbs under the pretense of “counting ballots.”

As exciting as this time is, it is also among the scariest, given how far Democrats and their tech/media lapdogs are willing to go to throw the election.

Once and for all, the Americans must put the haters of liberty in their rightful place. With a rolling red wave that drowns out any hopes they have of a total communist takeover.

A vote for Trump is a vote for your liberty!

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