W.H.O. Doctor Stuns The World After Exposing COVID Truth

For a party as “woke” as the Democrats, perhaps they should get “woke” about this: All their precious lockdowns have produced a clearly terrifying statistic, and it certainly relates to death rates. However, these death rates are not due to COVID-19; they are due to deliberately induced global poverty.

In addition, since the Democrats are so obsessed with their so-called “experts,” let’s see if they heed the advice Dr. David Nabarro, who has excoriated the impact of Western lockdowns on developing nations.

“I want to say it again: We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of controlling this virus … And so, we really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method. Develop better systems for doing it. Work together and learn from each other.” [Source: Breitbart]

Dr. Nabarro’s thoughts were also echoed by those of Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergency expert, who also spoke out against lockdowns at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland over the weekend.

“What we want to try to avoid – and sometimes it’s unavoidable and we accept that – but what we want to try and avoid is these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society and to everything else.”

Are you listening, “woke” Democrats? For that matter, why is this news covered in everywhere from The New Zealand Herald to some conservative news outlets in the United States, yet CNN has yet to make an even passing reference to this rather important development?

For months, economists and other objective, mathematically oriented individuals have called attention to the fact that lockdowns are rapidly accelerating global poverty, in nations that can ill afford to stomach Democrat-headed lockdowns, alongside their globalist counterparts in the “free world” (i.e., socialist fascist leaders in Europe and Oceania).

Given that these same most liberal of liberals have proclaimed their purported interest in human rights, one would think that these ultra-progressives would take into account the fact that their lockdown measures are literally killing millions upon millions of people of color all over the planet.

However, in the spirit of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Markle, whose latest public, and highly politicized, commentaries (from the privacy of their utterly humble $14M Beverly Hill Mansion) have managed to draw the increasing ire of the Queen, limousine liberals generally do follow one mantra, and one mantra consistently: Do as I say, not as I do.

Outside of strangling developing nations to death, Democrats and their likeminded counterparts in the West have also started struggling the middle classes to death across Europe, in particular the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile in Australia, now widely rumored as just another arm of the China, people have not only faced some of the most extreme lockdowns on the planet, but they are also now facing the fact that they may not be permitted to travel to Europe or the United States until at least 2022.

2022!?! V for Vendetta, anyone?!

Wow, for a virus that’s so “unpredictable,” these “liberal” politicians sure do have their future fascism (or, “cautiousness” as they like to say) on full display when carrying out these terrible plans. That happen to violate the United Nations charter for human rights, but hey, protecting the population from a 99.7% (minimum) recovery rate virus is far more critical (not).

If Harris wins the election, Americans very well may be subject to the same extremities increasingly faced by the British, Scottish, Europeans, and Australians. Perhaps Harris will consult Kim Jong-Un for policy advice, as the Western progressives sure seem to be lapping up North Korean-style politics.

For this reason, more than one arch-liberal from the West that actually does value liberty has increasingly called for the re-election of President Trump. From the United Kingdom to Australia, more are realizing that the election of Trump isn’t just about ensuring American’s

This election is not just an election for America’s future freedoms, it is an election for the world’s future liberties. If one coin falls (American democracy), all will shortly follow, as they partly already are.

Vote YES for freedom and NO to China!

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