Warnock Makes Radical New Demands

Raphael Warnock, a Democrat Senator from Georgia, has simultaneously pushed for voting reform and gun control in the aftermath of the tragic shootings in Atlanta this past week.

During an appearance on Meet the Press, Warnock explained that the shooter was able to kill all of the individuals on the same day he procured a gun.

Warnock complained that the legislature is more focused on preventing people from voting on the same day that they register, rather than preventing people from buying and using a gun on the same day.

Noting that such a discrepancy “suggests a distortion in values,” Warnock added that the United States is a nation wherein one can buy and use a firearm on the same day, yet individuals who wish to vote oftentimes endure greater hurdles. 

Warnock added that this discrepancy is “why we’ve got to stand up for voting rights” in the United States, ensuring that individuals from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences are able to add their voices to “the great debate about the direction of our country.”

“[For this reason], we have to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” Warnock continued.

Warnock’s comments occurred shortly after eight different individuals were killed in Atlanta after an active shooter attacked three spas. Most victims were female and of Asian descent.

Aaron Long, the suspected killer, has been subsequently charged with eight counts of homicide, along with one count of aggravated assault.

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