What Is The Only Thing Americans Hate More Than Kamala Harris? Joe Biden

Recent poll results have revealed a stunning revelation: Joe Biden’s polling numbers continue to fall precipitously in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal and other national issues.

According to the results of a new Gallup survey, Biden has yet to reach the nadir, or lowest point, of his present free fall in the polls.

Gallup noted that Biden’s approval has plummeted 13 percentage points since the month of June. Presently, Biden’s rating is at 43 percent, or the lowest level of his presidency to date.

In addition, Gallup also notes that the majority of the nation, or 53 percent, disapprove of Biden’s performance as president. This statistic marks the first time that the majority of the nation openly disapproves of Biden’s presidential performance.

The survey was conducted shortly after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, in which many Americans were abandoned. This event was met with harsh condemnation from the American public in numerous surveys.

Gallup observes that the more recent decrease in Biden’s approval score marks a “second significant decline since June,” where he held a “honeymoon” approval rating of 55 percent.

However, by July, Gallup observes that his approval rating fell to 50 percent in July “amid rising COVID-19 cases” that are largely attributed to the Delta variant. In the August 2-17 poll, Biden’s rating declined slightly, resulting in a 49 percent approval rating.

Biden took a massive hit from independent voters, although he remains ahead of the 37 percent approval rating that Donald Trump had at this stage in his own presidency.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been largely out of the press for a significant period of time, has stabilized her polling numbers. The nation remains divided over Harris’s job approval, with 49 percent disapproving and 49 percent approving.

Currently, Harris’s approval ratings mirror Biden’s ratings in 2009, when he served his first term as vice president in Barack Obama’s presidency.

Democrats are becoming edgy from the lower performance of Harris and Biden, especially as they prepare for the upcoming midterm elections in 2022. In addition, several upcoming gubernatorial elections are set to take place soon, including elections in Virginia and New Jersey this November.

Ultimately, Gallup remarked that the latest approval ratings for Biden indicate that the “honeymoon phase” of his presidency is past him, especially with independents.

Though independents were a vital “part of the coalition that helped [Biden] defeat Trump in 2020,” the same voters “now largely disapprove of the job [Biden] is doing as president,” Gallup concluded.