White House Praises Absurd School Reopening Plan

In response to criticism raised regarding the proposed school reopening plan, the White House has doubled down on Biden’s goal for reopening schools during the first 100 days of his presidency. However, the proposed school opening calls for students to attend classes only one day per week.

However, the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has referred to Biden’s plan as “bold and ambitious.”

A reporter asked Psaki about the purpose underlying opening schools for only one day per week, noting that Psaki had previously claimed the goal was for over half of schools to have some in-person teaching, at least one day a week, though she then indicated she hoped the number of in-person teaching days per week would increase.

As a result, the report then inquired, “Why is the administration setting the goal at one day a week? Why not go higher?”

Psaki responded by indicating that the administration is “not planning to celebrate at 100 days if we reach that goal,” as that goal constitutes the Biden administration’s “own effort to make, set [its] making, and set a bold and ambitious agenda” for evaluating its progress.

Psaki also added that the Biden administration hopes “to build from that at 100 days.”

In addition, reporters also pressed Psaki about why Biden has failed to be more specific when he indicated that schools would be reopened within the first 100 days of his administration. More specifically, she was asked why Biden neglected to reveal “the small print” embedded in Biden’s goal, which pertains to schools reopening for only one day per week.

Psaki responded that Biden had simply made a goal of reopening the vast majority of schools within 100 days of his administration, and she also added that this goal does not represent “the ceiling”; instead, Psaki claims, “it is the bar we are trying to leap over and exceed … The President wants not just to open schools he wants them to stay reopen.”

Across the nation, various teachers unions have refused to send their teachers back to the classroom, even though various data from the CDC has indicated that schools do not promote the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

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