White House Reporters File Complaint Against Biden, See Why …

Perhaps Biden aides may be a little more willing to permit the president to take questions after facing a formal complaint from the media, of all entities.

That would be the same media that did everything in its power to assure a Biden victory, from suffocating stories on Hunter Biden to pulling up every possible truth or lie about Trump in order to defeat him.

And now, that same media is peeved that their golden boy refuses to take their questions.

While Biden has long refused to take questions, his refusal is especially problematic when it’s on a highly public, contrasting stage.

More exactly, while Biden was sitting right beside British PM Boris Johnson, his inability to answer questions contrasted very strongly with Johnson’s interaction with the press.

Ed O’Keefe, a CBS News reporter, remarked upon the astonishing contrast, illuminating how frequently Biden is brazenly silenced by White House “aides.”

“[President] Biden and British PM [Boris Johnson] meet to discuss pandemic, trade and other issues … Johnson took 3 questions. White House aides shouted down U.S. attempts to ask questions. I asked Biden about southern border and we couldn’t decipher what he said.”[Source: The Daily Wire]

Not so sure they can be considered “aides” at this point in the traditional sense, though they’re certainly aiding and abetting the ways in which the Biden administration is turning democracy into a total and complete joke.

In fact, the Biden admin is becoming such a joke now that a formal complaint has now been lodged against it.

Steven Portnoy, the White House Correspondents’ Association President, explained precisely why a formal complaint was filed, and it was fresh after the frightening contrast between Boris and Biden’s interactions with the press.

“The entire editorial component of the U.S. pool went immediately into Jen Psaki’s office to register a formal complaint that no American reporters were recognized for questions in the president’s Oval Office, and that wranglers loudly shouted over the president as he seemed to give an answer to Ed O’Keefe’s question about the situation at the Southern Border …

Biden’s answer could not be heard over the shouting … Psaki was unaware that the incident had occurred, and suggested that she was not in a position to offer an immediate solution.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Let’s be real. Is Psaki ever in a position to offer any kind of solution? After all, she is rather shameless in defending the indefensible.

Just consider her recent response to CBS Anchor Gayle King, who is also apparently starting to lose the obsession with Biden.

King remarked upon the United States’ highly tarnished image overseas, asking Psaki exactly how the nation plans to fix its reputation.

“We’re still getting hammered for how the withdrawal from Afghanistan happened … Everybody knows, many people believe it was time. It’s just the way that it was done … That’s not a good look. You look at what’s happening with immigration. You look at France now saying that they’ve been betrayed by the United States. So I get that we have to look forward. But what are we doing to justify or explain what appears to be very bad behavior on our part?” [Source: Fox News]

Psaki’s reply?

“We don’t see it that way.” [Source: Fox News]

After that rather definitive statement, nothing but word salad followed, and it is safe to say zero admission of error was made.

Hilariously, the Biden administration’s recalcitrance with the press has become so bad that he is now drawing comparisons to Trump, and not in a way that he would like.

Just consider the observations of Ashley Parker, who works for one of the most leftist media outlets out there, The Washington Post.

“Worth noting that Biden ran for office promising to restore democracy after 4 years of Trump. But today it was the British leader, NOT the American one, who spotlighted a key tenet of a flourishing democracy — respect for a free press — by taking questions from his press corps.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

In other words, even WaPo (of all publications) is suggesting that the Biden administration is not exactly a straight-A student when it comes to liberty of the press.

Darren Grimes or GB News was even more blunt in the comparison between Trump and Biden.

“Boris Johnson took two questions from the British press, President Biden refused to take any, domestic or international. I can well imagine the headlines if Trump did the same, he’d be decried as an ‘authoritarian’, a ‘fascist dictator’ evading scrutiny.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

At least the Biden admin is good for one thing … Trump’s strong leadership and love for the nation is clearer now than it’s ever been, especially when contrasted with the horrific alternative that dominates the swamp … for now.

Author: Jane Jones