White House Wages War On Women

Americans are likely aware of the fact that the first black woman to be placed on the Supreme Court is apparently unable to define the word “woman.”

Kind of strange for the newly radical justice who is only in the position she’s in due to her race and “gender” (Or is it sex? What is the PC term for the woke brigade?), but nothing has to make sense in leftist lala land.

Unfortunately, most Americans are probably not aware of the fact that the radical Supreme Court justice is not exactly the only Biden associate that is opposed to women.

Apparently, even the National Institute of Health (NIH), supposedly governed by medical professionals, refuses to define the term “woman,” as revealed directly by its website and subsequent follow-up from Fox News.

Instead, the overfunded organization nitpicks minute differences between “sex” and “gender” without bothering to clarify how “woman” is distinct from man.

“Sex’ refers to biological differences between females and males, including chromosomes, sex organs, and endogenous hormonal profiles,” the NIH sniffed, “’Gender’ refers to socially constructed and enacted roles and behaviors which occur in a historical and cultural context and vary across societies and over time. All individuals act in many ways that fulfill the gender expectations of their society. With continuous interaction between sex and gender, health is determined by both biology and the expression of gender.”

So, exactly how does either definition offer a salient excuse for Lia Thomas, who will easily go down as the best female swimmer in history, all courtesy of woke ideology?

In other words, even per the NIH, “gender,” which was clearly invented by elitist, leftist, and ultimately hateful academics, is distinct from “sex,” which would include “sex organs.”

Naturally, one might query why “transgender” would need to change “sex organs,” as Lia Thomas did, conveniently after puberty, if “sex” and “gender” are so distinct from one another, but the NIH clearly counts on a braindead audience.

For that matter, the NIH’s standard audience is likely illiterate anyway, given the so-called “leadership” of its chief boss Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci, after all, is so obsessed with “following the science” that he never bothers to read any of it, especially literature that speaks out against mask mandates and indefinite lockdowns.

On the contrary, he seeks to ban it or brand it as “fake news,” only to circle back a year later and admit that the original science was right and his permanent ego is wrong.

Needless to say, Fox News Digital reached out to the NIH directly in light of the NIH’s apparent aversion to even mentioning the term “woman,” only to reveal just how deep the war against women in the Biden administration really goes.

Specifically, when the news outlet asked the NIH to define the term woman, they received the most ridiculous response ever.

“Glad the page was somewhat useful,” the NIH chirped, “we don’t have anything else to add.”

Well, gee, you don’t say.

Of course the NIH has “nothing else to add.”

After all, the Biden administration is beyond intent on destroying the concept of women, if only to have fewer voting groups to lie (er, cater) to.

Which is exactly why Trump’s observations are dead-on accurate, as revealed in an 80-minute speech, further underscoring his immense fitness over Biden.

“With their extremist sex and gender ideology, the Democrat Party is waging war on reality, war on science, war on children, war on women,” Trump intoned, “the Republican Party is now the party of American women and American children, and we will protect women in sports – women in sports – and not allow men to enter into the women’s games.”


Author: Ofelia Thornton