White House Walloped With Wakeup Call

One thing is for absolute certain during these especially dangerous times: Trump’s leadership is needed more than ever.

Trump’s leadership is especially critical when accounting for the very real security warnings issued by Robert Kadlec, who served as the Health and Human Services assistant secretary for preparedness and response during the Trump administration.

“We need to be prepared to be able to respond to the next crisis, whatever that might be. It may be another emerging infectious disease, it may be an intentional biochemical event,” Kadlec warned.

“We can’t predict that,” he added ominously, in a clear warning to the Biden administration to wake up from its chronic lollygagging.

And, to reinforce the utter incompetence exhibited by the Biden administration, Kadlec adds that the current administration is clearly not preparing very well for a major attack on critical infrastructures.

Probably too busy pushing critical race theory rather than dealing with the actualities of conflict.

“We’re not learning the lessons we should that are relevant and immediately applied to something like a chem-bio event, particularly [initiated by] a nation-state, like Russia, who we know has a biological weapons program and has advanced chemical weapons,” Kadlec continued ominously, all but telling the Biden administration to take a more aggressive, protectionist stance towards national security.

“What will it take for us to understand that we live in a world that these things can happen tomorrow?” Kadlec continued in disbelief.

Apparently, it will take quite a bit of time, considering that the Biden administration thinks that buying oil from Iran and Venezuela will somehow lead to greater global security.

Which of course it doesn’t, but it is a pathetic way to lower gas prices in time for the midterm elections, in spite of seriously dangerous long-term consequences.

Other Republicans have also noticed the seriousness of this issue.

“When [Vladimir Putin] rattles the saber over bio, nuclear, and chemical weapons, we better sit up and take note and be ready,” former Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon remarked.

Walden previously chaired the House committee with jurisdiction over public health and preparedness.

“Are we set up to do drive-through distribution of whatever the medicine is in a major city?” Walden inquired, “we saw how hard that was to pull off. Having lived through [the pandemic] now, I have trouble believing we’re set up to pull this off.”

And, it appears that Russian allies are already striking American allies in this regard, as evidenced by a recent attack on Israel.

“Large scale cyber-attack targeting Israeli government websites including the PMO [Prime Minister’s Office], ministries of interior, health, justice and welfare,” Jerusalem Post Military and Defense Correspondent Anna Ahronheim announced on Twitter, all websites are down. Suspect=Iran.”
The refugee crisis is also escalating, as reported by Newsmax.

“The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine since Russia invaded on Feb. 24 climbed to more than 2.8 million, United Nations data showed on Monday, in what has become Europe’s fastest growing refugee crisis since World War Two.”

The Biden administration’s response to potential cyber or chemical warfare?

Crickets …

Author: Jane Jones