White House Weaponizes SEC Against Musk

Looks like Elon Musk finally pissed off the wrong person, especially after weighing in on whether or not he would reinstate Trump’s Twitter account once taking over the social media giant’s options entirely.

Given that Musk is a “free speech absolutist,” not to mention a pro-business advocate that sensibly relocated from California to Texas, it is not surprising at all that Musk fervently defends the voice of Trump, just as he would with virtually anyone else who isn’t issuing open calls to violence.

“I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the county, and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice,” Musk remarked calmly.

Rather unsurprisingly, Musk shook yet another tree, and, even more unsurprisingly, the ultra-left White House fell for it.

After all, what else could explain the sudden inspiration for launching an investigation into Musk’s acquisition of Twitter … all over a “tardy” application.

WSJ journalist Dave Michaels reports upon the suddenly initiated investigation, which is allegedly due to the aforementioned tardiness.

“Federal regulators are investigating Elon Musk’s late disclosure last month of his sizable stake in Twitter Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, a lag that allowed him to buy more stock without alerting other shareholders to his ownership,” Michaels writes.

Funny. The Biden administration kept extending lockdowns and mask mandates for months on end, and would frankly still keep doing so if it could get away with it.

The White House, in other words, has no issue being “tardy” with its own deadlines, especially regarding COVID, rendering its brazen action against Musk highly ironic, as well as highly disturbing.

“The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing Mr. Musk’s tardy submission of a public form that investors must file when they buy more than 5% of a company’s shares, the people said,” Michaels continued, “the disclosure functions as an early sign to shareholders and companies that a significant investor could seek to control or influence a company.”

Ah. Right.

Yet Hunter Biden can take a 10 percent stake in a Chinese equity firm directly linked to the Communist Party, not to mention a highly suspect position on a Ukrainian board, and everything is apparently wavy gravy.

Needless to say, various comments online from real Americans reveal their real thoughts on the White House, yet again, weaponizing federal agencies against political opponents.

Except in this case, the weaponization is happening against someone for their clear stance on the First Amendment.

“It figures. Biden’s administration must obey its masters of the far left, and they are enraged by the possibility of freer speech on the Internet,” one commenter remarked.

“This reeks of political retribution,” declared another.

One commenter was particularly funny in terms of their reframing of Biden’s last name, declaring, “Joe Burden, enjoy your Disinformation Board. It is your legacy. Own it.”

In addition, others are not so impressed that Musk is apparently under investigation when “Tax the Rich” dress-wearing AOC openly violates campaign ethics, not to mention finances, yet she is under no investigation of any kind.

However, job-creating, not to mention green energy-promoting, Musk apparently must be stopped at all costs, all for daring to reinstate Trump.

“I’d rather our Congressmen and women file their financial disclosures and stock trades in a timely fashion. That’s where the real risk/reward seems to reside,” the commenter remarked drily.

Seriously. After all, Pelosi isn’t worth $300M from her decades of public service.

“I agree, I would like to see our ‘leaders’ held to some standard of integrity other than not getting caught with a dead girl or live boy,” someone else added, in a rather snarky, albeit accurate, reference to the Clinton cadre and other nefarious associates.

Biden’s commentary is all the more absurd.

However, Biden is clearly spooked, given that he likely has been informed that the Democrats are in for a real shellacking this fall. Especially given their chronic absence of accountability.

Univision Anchor Luis Carlos Vélez, for instance, is disgusted by the Biden administration’s repeated insistence on blaming everyone but themselves for catastrophic inflation.

“It’s time to blame the moon, the stars, the sun. Clearly.”

Spot on. Hopefully one of the professor’s carefully curated, “diverse” handlers actually listens to someone from a diverse background.

“How much longer, Mr. President?” Vélez pressed, “People don’t eat off of politics. People eat off of wages, jobs, and opportunities. The responsibility to do something falls solely upon you, Mr. President.”

Little surprise that the apparently President will do everything in his power from stopping a real leader from coming back onto Twitter.

Author: Jane Jones