Will Smith Gets Woke, Leaves Blue Collar Workers Broke

It appears that the boycott of Georgia will never end. Who knew that requiring identification in order to vote via “mail in” ballots would be so controversial?

Moreover, who knew that Biden himself would act so belligerently towards the state, particularly after Georgia helped secure his so-called “victory” in the 2020 elections?

After all, the fake news media was more than happy to air a conversation that Trump had with Governor Kemp over the rather obviously questionable results from the state.

Now that Georgia is no longer useful to the Democrats for its electoral votes, the leftists have done what leftists always do: Turn against the entities that helped them in the first place (including their own, on more than one occasion).

Alas, Democrats are presently targeting Georgia instead of their own, thanks to a massive helping hand from the Biden administration and its totally baseless comparison of Georgia’s new voting legislation to being the presumed embodiment of modern day Jim Crow.

Someone should remind Biden that the same legislation actually expands early voting opportunities, thereby maximizing access to voting opportunities, but that would just be too unifying, wouldn’t it?

Tragically, wherever Biden “leads,” apparently every entity, from the MLB to various corporations, must follow.

And now, based on even more recent news reports, ultra-woke Will Smith apparently must follow as well, as he has just yanked “Emancipation,” one of his forthcoming films from Georgia, all over Georgia’s presumed “Jim Crow” legislation (thanks again, Biden).

Smith expressed his “views” in a recently released statement, which was clearly written in a way to demonstrate intelligence, though the main quality being demonstrated is the fact that Smith, much like Biden, clearly didn’t bother to read the actual legislation.

Yet they both demonstrated a knee jerk reaction anyway. You know, the type of reaction that is really great for obtaining optimal results (not). Which makes the following statement all the more hollow.

“At this moment in time, the Nation is coming to terms with its history and is attempting to eliminate vestiges of institutional racism to achieve true racial justice …

We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access. The new Georgia voting laws are reminiscent of voting impediments that were passed at the end of Reconstruction to prevent many Americans from voting. Regrettably, we feel compelled to move our film production work from Georgia to another state.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Ah, yes, The abundance of higher level words, which periodically can disguise lower level thinking. The “vestiges of institutional racism.” The “regressive voting laws.” The “voting impediments.”

Someone should alert Mr. Smith to the fact that his arguments would utterly fail in a court of law, given that they are utterly devoid of any specific context of the bill itself. Instead, the statement is filled with all the melodrama of a standard “liberal arts” professor, another set of “professionals” who appear allergic to logic, facts, and apparently any form of concrete detail at all.

In truth, what is the most “regrettable” about this statement is the fact that Will Smith is economically illiterate enough to blow of $15M in tax credits over legislation he hasn’t bothered to read (no wonder all these Hollywood stars end up going broke so frequently. Then again, most barely finished high school).

However, of much greater concern is the fact that Will Smith’s rather obvious, self-promotional wokeness comes at the extreme cost of numerous blue collar workers counting on additional income to accrue during the filming of Smith’s latest movie.

Once again, just like the knee jerk reaction of the MLB, Smith’s latest move shows all the arrogance of elitism, especially when it comes with preserving some pathetic self-image at the expense of people’s real bills.

The greatest irony of all, of course, is that the vast majority of minority Americans do support voter identification laws, the very thing that the ultra-elite sports leagues, corporations, and Hollywood actors are supposedly “protesting” now.

“Nearly 70% of black people living in America support laws that require prospective voters to provide an ID, such as a driver’s license, before being allowed to cast their ballot …

It turns out that the vast majority of black people in America — the very individuals Joe Biden assures us are victims of racism under voter ID laws — think it’s perfectly reasonable to require some form of proof that you are who you say you are before voting.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Maybe every now and then Mr. Smith and Company will listen to this 70 percent, rather than their elitist less than 1 percent crowd.

Author: Ofelia Thornton