Woke Actor Faces Jail For Racial Attack

Woke celebrity Jussie Smollett faces possible jail time for staging a homophobic, racist attack on himself, allegedly in a bid to garner sympathy and earn more than the reported $125,000 per episode salary the actor received on TV show “Empire.”

Smollett lied to police about the attack, as subsequent evidence revealed that the actor himself orchestrated the attack he reported.

Despite a preponderance of evidence, Smollett has been widely expected to continue denying his role in the attack, which was staged during a polar vortex in Chicago in January 2019.

According to Smollett, he was attacked by men in ski masks, improbably in the middle of a devastatingly cold night. Later on, the men in ski masks were revealed to be Nigerian brothers who Smollett paid off to beat him up, all in a bid to gain national sympathy.

As a result of his brazen deception, Smollett may face up to three years in prison for five different felony charges, including lying to the police and disorderly conduct.

Since Smollett lacks a long-winded criminal history, it is likely that he will not face actual prison time, though he could realistically face up to a year in jail. In especially lenient scenarios, the woke actor may only have to engage in community service for the deliberate deception that enraged a nation.

The lead attorney for Smollett has humorously demanded a dismissal of all charges; however, it is unlikely that the judge will grant such a request.

Smollett was already convicted at the end of 2021 for paying off two Nigerian brothers to carry out the staged attack, providing them with funds for rope, ski masks, and instructions for turning the ropes into nooses.

The ultra-left actor also provided a script to the Nigerian brothers to ensure that the “attack” appeared racist and homophobic in nature, as well as directly linked to then-President Trump.

Smollett also claims that his career has been ruined, which should be more than sufficient punishment for him to avoid any accountability in the justice system.