Youngkin Smashes CRT Into Oblivion

Over the weekend, Glenn Youngkin, the Republican Governor of Virginia, defended his decision to eliminate critical race theory (CRT) from children’s educational curriculum. As part of his defense, Youngkin cited Martin Luther King, Jr., noting that King’s beliefs former the foundation, or “founding principle” of the executive order regarding CRT.

King once proclaimed, “we will teach all history, the good and the bad.”

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Youngkin remarked that he fully supports King’s statement, noting that the nation will not know where it is going “until we know where we came from.”

“[However], to teach [students that] one group is advantaged and the other disadvantaged because of the color of skin, cuts everything we know to be true,” Youngkin continued.

Youngkin also invoked Martin Luther King during the course of his interview, noting that the famous civil rights leader had long called for judging individuals “by the content of [their] character,” rather than by “the color of [their] skin.”

The focus on character over skin color constitutes “the founding principle” of the anti-CRT executive order, as detailed by the Virginia governor.

“[The executive order] went at the tenets of racially divisive concepts,” Youngkin added.

The Virginia governor continued on to remark that the radical left oftentimes attempts to “obfuscate the issue” through insisting that CRT does not formally appear in school curriculums. However, Youngkin also noted that the ideology underlying CRT is certainly “present in schools.”

Youngkin also expressed disappointment that the Supreme Court did not strike down vaccine mandates as effectively as it could have, particularly in terms of the mandate for healthcare workers.

Consequently, Youngkin added that it will be critical to ensure that the state does not experience “a further depletion of the resources in our hospital systems” as a result of the Supreme Court ruling.